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Jackson Falls
Natchez Trace

Jackson Falls is located on the Natchez Trace Parkway at milepost 404.7.


A steep trail (concrete sidewalk) 900 feet long takes you to a clear pool at the base of these falls. This trail descends to Jackson Falls a beautifully sculptured cascade that seems ageless but it isn't. For thousands of years before the falls existed Jackson Branch flowed into this high valley isolated from the Duck River below. Then in a classic case of stream piracy, the Duck River captured Jackson Branch. The flooding river and other erosional agents wore away at the bluffs, cutting a new channel through faults in the rock. At the site of Jackson Falls the diverted stream slips down into the Duck River Valley abandoning its former course.

Duck River Overlook - a gentle 1/4 mile trail leads to a viewpoint 300 feet (30 stories) above the Duck River.
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