If your business offers products and/or services that cyclists of the Natchez Trace Parkway want - then you have found the perfect place to promote your business!

NatchezTraceTravel.com and our social media connections can promote your business or service to people who are planning to bicycle all or part of the Natchez Trace Parkway. You can purchase an Advertiser Bicycle Merchant page that will connect you to potential customers.

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Advertiser Bicycle Merchant pages are highly visible on our Biking the Trace section of the website.

Why should you advertise on NatchezTraceTravel.com?

  • Cycling and our "Biking the Trace" section are a prominent part of NatchezTraceTravel.com and our knowledge base. Our logo features two cyclists enjoying the Trace.
  • We are very well positioned in search sites. "Google" Biking the Natchez Trace.
  • During the first nine months of 2023 the Biking the Trace section had just over 50,000 page views (averaging 185 page views per day)
  • Biking the Trace is very in depth. There are about 18 major topics covered - several having multiple pages. Cyclists spend a lot of time on the site.
  • From 2009 thru mid-2023, at cyclist' request, we created 45 to 60 biking the Trace itineraries each month. Our recommended itinerary was emailed to the cyclist.
  • Now, we have an improved itinerary planning system that is online:
    Cyclists can choose from 18 full-length itineraries (9 biking north to south and 9 biking south to north) that range from 4 days (biking 112 miles/day) to 14 days (biking 32 miles/day). Click here to view.
  • Currently, adding "Out and Back" itineraries that are also very popular with cyclists who either don't have enough time or the stamina to bike the length of the Parkway. Click here to view.
  • Many cyclists only bike the Trace for the day while others bike the length of the Trace (444 miles) over the course of five days to two weeks. Those cycling the Trace for more than one day might need to visit one or more bike shops (to rent bikes, buy bikes or purchase bike accessories/supplies/clothing), have their bikes shipped, need a shuttle, want to sign up for a supported bike tour, etc.

How will cyclists find your Advertiser Bicycle Merchant page?

  • "Bicycling the Natchez Trace" menu:
    • Full Screen Layout (most tablets, laptops and desktops) - there is a sidebar on the right side of the screen that displays a "Bicycling the Natchez Trace" menu.
    • Mobile Layout (smartphones and smaller width tablets) - the "Bicycling the Natchez Trace" menu is displayed below the main content.
    • The menu lists all of the categories within the site, including Tour Guides, Shuttle Services, Bike Shops. If your business falls into one or more of these categories you will be listed there. If you provide a service that we don't have in the menu we can add it.
  • Your business will also be featured on our Sponsors page.
  • On the main Biking the Trace page (viewed an average of 40 times a day), after our Top 10 Reasons to Bicycle the Natchez Trace Parkway there are a set of links, similar to those in the sidebar menu but with a little more explanation that lead cyclists deeper into the site. One or more of those links would direct cyclists to a page where your business will be highlighted.
  • Your greatest exposure will be our "Products & Services" banner ads that are displayed on most of the pages in the Biking the Trace section. Some pages display multiple ads. Each advertiser has a banner ad (small graphic, type of service/product, name of business) that when clicked on takes the cyclist to your website! Below are a couple examples.

These banner ads appear hundreds of times a day! For example, scroll thru our 14-day, north to south itinerary overview page that has several banner ads spaced out through the itinerary.

We are also active on Social Media. Especially, Facebook and Instagram. We use both to generate interest and to drive traffic to NatchezTraceTravel.com. In addition, if your business is active on Facebook and/or Instagram we will "follow" you, "like" most of your posts, and "share/repost" some of your posts.

What does your listing on NatchezTraceTravel.com include?

The following information/pictures will be included on your Advertiser Bicycle Merchant page:

  • Large Feature Picture If we have a fairly hi-res image, we will display it across the width of the screen (on smart phones the image goes across the screen as well, but our system uses a smaller size image to make the download fast)
  • Summary Write-up about your business tailored to cyclists biking the Natchez Trace (e.g. if you lead bike tours on several trails around the country/world we will mention that, but most of your content will be about your bike tours of the Natchez Trace).
  • Photo Gallery of up to 12 pictures
  • Contact Information at the bottom of your page: phone number, email address, website/Facebook link(s)

We do all the heavy lifting to create your listing. All you need to do is pay your first year fee and we can use pictures and info from your website or Facebook page. You may also email photos and information for us to use. We can tweak the listing together.

Here are a few Advertiser Bicycle Merchant page examples:

What is the cost of an Advertiser Bicycle Merchant page?

The yearly (365 days) fee is $150.

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Any questions, feel free to contact us at info@natcheztracetravel.com or 615.522.4865.

Randy Fought - Owner, NatchezTraceTravel.com

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