Overview Map:

  • Lodging option(s) and Bicycle Route(s):
    to the Parkway for the night BEFORE biking this section
  • Parkway route in Red:
    bike north 61 miles on the Parkway from Collinwood, TN (milepost 355) to the Fly / Santa Fe, TN area (milepost 416)
  • Bicycle Route(s) and Lodging option(s):
    from the Parkway for the night AFTER biking this section
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Below the Overview Map:

  • Information and Links:
    • Before Biking on the Parkway:
      in the morning in Collinwood, TN
    • Biking on the Parkway:
      during the day from milepost 355 to milepost 416
    • After Biking on the Parkway:
      in the afternoon/evening in the Fly / Santa Fe, TN area
  • Links to complete Natchez Trace Parkway "Out and Back" Itinerary Routes that this one day route is part of

Ride Stats:

  • Miles on Parkway: 61.1
  • Elevation Gain:
    3,195 feet (avg. 52.3 feet/mile)
    Maximum Grade: 8.2%
  • Elevation Loss:
    3,439 feet (avg. 56.3 feet/mile)
    Minimum Grade: -9.4%

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Before Biking on the Parkway
(in the morning near milepost 355)

Lodging (night before) options with Bicycle Route to Parkway, Camping and Food:


The Collinwood Suite
Vacation Rental - 1 Cottage/2 Beds/Sleeps 4 - This private, cozy studio is perfect for anyone traveling the Natchez Trace Parkway on bicycle.
Route: Bike or Drive 0.3 miles to Parkway entrance (Wayne County Welcome Center at milepost 355) - RidewithGPS Route

Butler's Cottage
Vacation Rental - 1 Cottage/3 Beds/Sleeps 5 - Cottage has living room, deck, kitchenette and 1.5 bathrooms.
Route: Bike or Drive 0.7 miles to Parkway entrance (Wayne County Welcome Center at milepost 355) - RidewithGPS Route

Campgrounds along/near the Parkway:

  • The town of Collinwood, TN has a tent camping area for cyclists located just off the Parkway near the Fire Hall. Inquire at the Welcome Center or the Fire Hall.


Biking on the Parkway
(during the day from milepost 355 to milepost 416)

Along/Near the Parkway - Restrooms, Top 30 Favorite Sites and Exits with Services Nearby:

RidewithGPS route of the Parkway from milepost 355 to milepost 416 that includes the following points of interest and guidance:
You can download the route to your phone!

  • Milepost 355 - Collinwood, Tennessee
    Start of the Day on the Parkway - entrance Wayne County Welcome Center
  • Milepost 364.5 - Glenrock Branch
    Top 30, Restroom, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 370 - US 64 West exit
    Market 0.9 miles west of Parkway
  • Milepost 375.8 - Old Trace Drive
    Top 30, Old Trace, Hiking Trail
  • Milepost 377.8 - Jacks Branch
    Restroom, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 380.8 - Napier Road exit
    Market 0.5 miles east of Parkway
  • Milepost 382.8 - Metal Ford and Buffalo River
    Top 30, Hiking Trail, Picnic Area, Old Trace
  • Milepost 385.9 - TN Hwy 20 exit
    Market 1.3 miles east of Parkway
  • Milepost 385.9 - Meriwether Lewis Death & Burial Site
    Top 30, Restroom, Hiking Trail, History/Nature Exhibit, Old Trace, Picnic Area, Bicycle Repair Station
  • Milepost 391.9 - Fall Hollow Waterfall
    Top 30, Hiking Trail, Waterfall
  • Milepost 404.7 - Jackson Falls
    Top 30, Restroom (currently closed), Hiking Trail, Waterfall, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 405.1 - Baker Bluff Overlook
    Top 30, Hiking Trail, Scenic Overlook
  • Milepost 407.7 - Gordon House and Duck River Ferry Site
    Top 30, Restroom, Old Trace, Indian History, Hiking Trail, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 408 - TN Hwy 50 exit
    Restaurant (open Thursday thru Sunday) 0.4 miles east of Parkway / Market 0.6 miles west of Parkway / Market/Restaurant 1.1 miles west of Parkway
  • Milepost 416 - Fly / Santa Fe, Tennessee area
    End of the Day on the Parkway - exit at TN Hwy 7 exit - Fly community 1 mile east of Parkway, Santa Fe, TN 3 miles east of Parkway
    Follow the "Lodging" route to Creekview Farm Retreat!

After Biking on the Parkway
(in the afternoon/evening near milepost 416)

Milepost 416 - Fly / Santa Fe, TN east of the Parkway - Lodging with Bicycle Route from Parkway, Camping, Food and Featured Points of Interest Options:


Creekview Farm Retreat B&B
Bed & Breakfast - 3 Guest Rooms/3 Beds/Sleeps 6 - Only 3 miles from the Parkway and an hour south of Nashville. Private getaway on a working farm.
Route: Bike or Drive 3.5 miles south from Parkway exit (TN Hwy 7 at milepost 416) - RidewithGPS Route
Food: Breakfast is not prepared or served to guests. But, the fully equipped kitchen is stocked with continental breakfast items for guests to prepare (with advance request, dinner food items can be available). There are a few restaurants about 3 to 5 miles away if you have a support vehicle.
More Info:
Overview Description
Accommodations and Rates
Cyclist Amenities

Campgrounds along/near the Parkway:

  • Tennessee Highway 50 Bicycle-only Campground - The park service has a bicycle only, "primitive" campground near the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail parking area and trailhead (off of TN Hwy 50 @ milepost 408). Free tent camping only for cyclists biking the parkway.


Featured Points of Interest:

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