Bicycling the Natchez Trace

If your business offers products and/or services that cyclists of the Natchez Trace Parkway want - then you have found the perfect place to promote your business!

Why should you advertise on

  • Cycling and our "Biking the Trace" section are a prominent part of and our knowledge base. Our logo features two cyclists enjoying the Trace.
  • We are very well positioned in search sites. "Google" Biking the Natchez Trace.
  • Our Biking the Trace section of the website receives around 20,000 unique visits a year.
  • Biking the Trace is very in depth. There are about 15 major topics covered - several having multiple pages. Cyclists spend a lot of time on the site. On average, each person views 4 to 5 different pages in the section.
  • Each month, at cyclist' request, we create 25 to 60 biking the Trace itineraries.
  • Many cyclists only bike the Trace for the day while others bike the length of the Trace (444 miles) over the course of five days to two weeks. Those cycling the entire Trace might need to visit one or more bike shops (to rent bikes, buy bikes or purchase bike accessories/supplies/clothing), have their bikes shipped, need a shuttle, want to sign up for a supported bike tour, etc.

How it Works

  • Full Screen Layout - most tablets, laptops and desktops - there is a sidebar on the right side of the screen that displays a "Bicycling the Natchez Trace" menu. Above the menu are two image ads that link to the sponsor's website (or page on when clicked on.
  • Mobile Layout - smartphones and smaller width tablets (some tablets when viewed in portrait mode) - the two image ads and the "Bicycling the Natchez Trace" menu is displayed below the main content of the page.
  • Number of sponsors will be limited to 6.
  • With 6 sponsors, each sponsor's ad will be displayed approximately 28,000 times a year. With less than 6 sponsors, each sponsor's ad will be shown even more.
  • The graphic ads measure 144 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. Above the graphic is the "type of service/product" provided (e.g. Shuttle Service, Bike Tour Guide, Bike Shop) and below the ad is the name of the business. If needed, we can help create the graphic.

Two rate options are available

  • $175 for one year if ad link goes to a page on that we create for your business (that page would include a link to your website).
  • $225 for one year if ad link goes directly to your website.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 615.522.4865. Include your website so we can see if your business is beneficial for our audience.

Randy Fought - Owner,

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