Bicycling the Natchez Trace

Hi there. My name is Clara and I am a Recumbent Bicycle otherwise known as a "Bent" as opposed to my cousins the "UpRights". Officially, I'm a Tour EZ Bent but I just like to be known as Clara. I'm writing this because my Friend Beast, "Ugly Bag of Mostly Water" (Star Trek reference) Mike has decided not to write a blog this trip.

I've actually done this trip before back in 2013 at about the same time of year. This was before Ugly Bag actually knew that he could keep journals. I guess he posted some things on Face Book but that was all. We went from Natchez, Miss. to Nashville, Tennessee and just had a wonderful time. We will be staying in several B&B's and Hotels. This means I won't be left out in the cold, wet nights anymore. I like that. Also, we will be heading south this time as we begin in Nashville and going to Natchez.

The Natchez Trace is a beautiful roadway that has a 50 mph speed limit and actually has very little traffic. It's a lot like the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive and goes through some beautiful scenery. Also, there is much history along the way. It provides many rest stops which will be good for Ugly Bag as he really hasn't trained much for this trip. I don't know why he should care cause I do all the work for him. Big Wimp! Along the way, there will be lots of wildlife, wildflowers and historical places to take pictures of. On occasion, I'll steal his smart camera and try to take some pictures so you can see them. As you can see from this post, I've already made friends with the little box called "Siri" who I can talk to and she is nice enough to dictate the blog for me. After all, it's hard to type with wheels for hands.

So come along if you want to. We will be starting Sat. May 2 and ending May 9. Tomorrow if I can get alone with Siri, I'll show some modifications that Ugly Bag made to me and let you know what he's making me carry. This should be a hoot.

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