Colbert Ferry is located on the Natchez Trace Parkway at milepost 327.3.

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Colbert Ferry - Natchez Trace Parkway
Colbert Ferry Alabama

Photo Credit: Downtown Karla Brown
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Colbert's Stand - George Colbert operated a ferry across the Tennessee River from 1800 to 1819. His stand, or inn, offered travelers a warm meal and shelter during their journey on the Old Trace. Colbert looked after his own well being and once charged Andrew Jackson $75,000 to ferry his Tennessee Army across the river.The site of his stand is a short 50 yards up the path from the parking area. An additional 20 minute stroll will take you along the Old Trace to the bluff overlook and back. After a venison supper, one guest at Colbert's Stand spent the night in an outbuilding (Wilderness Haven) with "not less than 50 Indians, many of them drunk." Here and about 20 other stands along the Trace, Kaintuck riverboatmen, money-laden businessmen, Indians and outlaws shared a spot of fellowship on a long hazardous road.

"Shrewd, talented and wicked" thus a traveling preacher characterized George Colbert, the half-Scot half-Chickasaw chief. But for more than 30 years he helped negotiate with the U.S. for Chickasaw rights as the tide of settlement advanced from the east. His successful farm showed his people the way of the future.

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  • Approximate time to explore site: 15-45 minutes
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  • Latitude: 34.83756
    Longitude: -87.94231
    Elevation (approximate): 459 feet
    Milepost: 327.3
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