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NOTICE - January 14, 2020: Wilson Fly has officially retired!!

The Fly General Store is now closed and Wilson will be resting and enjoying the decades of memories he has shared with all of you!! He thanks everyone for your support, business and mostly your friendship, visits and conversations that he cherishes! He has been blessed by such a giving and caring community. But it is now time to kick back, put up his feet and enjoy a shade tree life.

Wilson B. Fly has announced that the 21st Annual Knap In - The Making of Arrowheads will be held at Fly's General Store on July 9 - 11, 2021. For more info: click here.

Fly's General Store is located just off the Natchez Trace Parkway in the Fly Community.

The hardwood floored store is filled with snack items and general supplies. The parking lot is often overflowing with pickup trucks as folks stop by to get a snack and to visit with friends on the front porch. The general store is very popular with cyclists (bicycles and motorcycles) who come off the Trace in search of a cold beverage and a package of peanuts, candy bar or a bag of chips.

Wilson B. Fly, the owner of the general store, builds bird houses and other craft items out of repurposed materials. He hosted several events each year including a Arts & Crafts/Farmer's Market/Packrat Yard Sale in the spring and fall and an Arrowhead "Knap In" (making arrowheads) in the summer.

Contact Fly's General Store

  • Owner - Wilson B. Fly
  • Phone - 931.682.2356
Fly's General Store
5661 Leipers Creek Road
Santa Fe, TN 38482 (click to view a map)

From the Natchez Trace - exit at TN Hwy 7 (mp 415.7) - go south 1.7 miles and Fly's General Store will be on your left.

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