Northern Terminus is located on the Natchez Trace Parkway at milepost 442.1.

Northern Terminus - Natchez Trace Parkway

This is where the Natchez Trace Parkway ends if you are traveling north, or starts if you are traveling south.

One of the many beautiful bridges along the Trace takes you over Tennessee Highway 100.

If you are exiting the Trace you have the option of accessing either Highway 100 or McCrory Lane which leads to I-40.

To start your adventure on the Trace simply find Highway 100 on the southwest side of Nashville. If you ask a local for directions you can ask them how to get to Loveless Cafe (world-famous The Loveless Cafe sits about 150 yards east of the northern terminus on Highway 100). If you are traveling on I-40 you can take the McCrory Lane exit and travel about 5 miles south to Highway 100.

FYI - the speed limit on the first (or last, if you are traveling north) several miles of the Trace is 40 mph. The terrain is hilly with lots of curves. But, it is beautiful. On down the road the speed limit is 50 mph.

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  • Latitude: 36.03458
    Longitude: -86.97582
    Elevation (approximate): 659 feet
    Milepost: 442.1
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