Tanglefoot Trail® - Rails to Trails from Houston to New Albany, Mississippi

  • The Tanglefoot Trail® preserves the abandoned railroad corridor built in 1871 by Colonel William C. Faulkner, great-grandfather of Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner. One of the engines was called the Tanglefoot. In September 2013, the Tanglefoot returned replacing rails with a trail!

  • Experience a bit of history as you bicycle or walk the same path used by the Chickasaw Indians and Meriwether Lewis (the original Natchez Trace covered the same route from Houston to Pontotoc)

  • Tanglefoot Trail® facilities include four whistle stops (with bathrooms) in Ingomar, Ecru, Algoma, and New Houlka. Public parking is available at each of the whistle stops as well as in New Albany, Pontotoc, and Houston.

Trailheads & Whistle Stops

Houston Trailhead - milepost 0
583 W Church Street
Houston, MS
Parking available: 583 W Church Street
Places to Stay:
Trailhead Bike and Bed
Bridges-Hall Manor B&B
Daisy's on the Square B&B

New Houlka Whistlestop - milepost 9.9
205 West Front Street
New Houlka, MS

Algoma Whistlestop - milepost 19.3
24 Weeks Street
Algoma, MS

Pontotoc Gateway - milepost 25.1
121 South College Street
Pontotoc, MS
Parking available: Pontotoc System Warehouse and north end of Reeder’s Farm Supply parking lot.
Places to Stay:
Bodock B&B

Ecru Whistlestop - milepost 32.6
279 S. Railroad Avenue
Ecru, MS

Ingomar Whistlestop - milepost 37.1
1103 County Road 90
Ingomar, MS

New Albany Trailhead - milepost 43.6

Parking available:
Union County Library, W. Main Street and King Street

Rules, Regulations, Trail Etiquette and Safety

  • Petroleum-propelled vehicles (cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc) are not permitted on the trail.

  • Entrance to the Trail is authorized only at public roads, Whistle Stops and other points of access designated by the District.

  • Trail users shall not leave District property to access private property along the Trail without the consent of the private property owner. Trail users shall not access streams, ponds or lakes along or beneath the Trail for any purpose.

  • Please note the Tanglefoot Trail® crosses county roads and private drives in a variety of places. Public crossings are marked with signage in both directions and please be observant when you approach these locations.

  • Everyone is encouraged to carry a cell phone when using the trail.

  • Bicyclists ride single file when meeting or being overtaken by other Trail users.

  • Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

  • Keep dogs under control. Use a leash. Remove waste droppings from the Trail.

  • For a complete list of Rules & Regulations and Etiquette and Safety - see: www.tanglefoottrail.com

More Information

The Tanglefoot Trail® is owned and maintained by the GM&O Rails-to-Trails Recreational District of North Mississippi.

For more information, please visit www.tanglefoottrail.com.

Tanglefoot Trail

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