Natchez Trace Picnic Areas

There are over 90 sites along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Which ones have picnic areas? Most have three or more picnic tables, most in shaded areas. Some of the larger picnic areas also have restrooms.

Listed below for each Picnic Area are the milepost location, name of site and info about the site. Click on either the thumbnail picture or Picnic Area name for more information, pictures and a location map for the site.

Tennessee Picnic Areas


  • Timberland Park - milepost 437.2 - Restroom, Picnic Area, Hiking Trail
  • Garrison Creek - milepost 427.6 - Restroom, Picnic Area, Hiking Trail, Top 30 Favorite Site
  • War of 1812 Memorial/Old Trace - milepost 426.3 - Picnic Area, Hiking Trail, Old Trace
  • Burns Branch - milepost 425.4 - Picnic Area, Hiking Trail
  • Jackson Falls - 404.7 - Restroom, Hiking Trail, History/Nature Exhibit, Waterfall, Top 30 Favorite Site
  • Meriwether Lewis - milepost 385.9 - Restroom, Picnic Area, Hiking Trail, History/Nature Exhibit, Campground, Old Trace, Top 30 Favorite Site
  • Jacks Branch - milepost 377.8 - Restroom, Picnic Area
  • Glenrock Branch - milepost 364.5 - Restroom, Picnic Area, Top 30 Favorite Site
  • Holly milepost - 346.2 - Picnic Area
  • Cypress Creek - milepost 343.5 - Picnic Area

Alabama Picnic Areas


  • Lauderdale - milepost 328.7 - Picnic Area
  • Colbert Ferry - milepost 327.3 - Restroom, Picnic Area, Old Trace, Top 30 Favorite Site
  • Bear Creek - milepost 313.0 - Picnic Area

Mississippi Picnic Areas


Note: for your convenience the National Park Service displays a milepost on the east side of the parkway. Mileposts start at 0 on the southern end of the Trace near Natchez and end at 444 at the northern terminus (The Natchez Trace Parkway is 444 miles long.). Throughout this website, mileposts are used to help you locate attractions along the trace and exits on/off the Trace to help you find towns, attractions and bed and breakfasts located just off the Trace.

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