Bicycling the Natchez Trace

In October 2010, seven cyclists led by John Frey biked the northern section of the Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville, Tennessee to Tupelo, Mississippi and then back to Nashville. They are graciously sharing their cycling pictures for others to see.

Highlights of their bicycle trip and links for more information:


I was one of the cyclists on John Frey's Trace trip and I want to let you know what a STELLAR job you did planning our trip. I am a "moderate" rider and found the distances between lodgings SO doable. We LOVED all of our overnight stays and learned what southern hospitality really means. It was also great fun to see our photos posted on your website! I don't know how you also got us PERFECT weather, but I thank you a boatload for that as well. I have the southern part of the trail on my bucket list and will definitely contact you for plans.

Still smiling remembering our adventure,

Cathy Morgan
Fort Collins, CO

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