This bicycle route (French Camp to Ridgeland) is one day of several different Natchez Trace Parkway 442 Mile, North to South (Nashville to Natchez) Itinerary Routes.

Overview Map:

  • Lodging option(s) and Bicycle Route(s):
    to the Parkway for the night BEFORE biking this section
  • Parkway route in Red:
    bike south 81 miles on the Parkway from French Camp, MS (milepost 180.8) to Ridgeland, MS (milepost 100-101)
    5 of the miles are on the Multi-Use Path in the Ridgeland, MS area. Vehicle traffic is much higher in the Jackson Metro area (milepost 105 - 88) than in the rural areas. In the Ridgeland area (milepost 105 to 100 where vehicle traffic is the highest) we highly recommend biking on the Multi-Use Path that parallels the parkway in order to avoid heavy car traffic in the area. For a map and info, go to: Multi-Use Path
  • Bicycle Route(s) and Lodging option(s):
    from the Parkway for the night AFTER biking this section
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    click on Points of Interest categories (food, restrooms, etc.) to add them to the map
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    Parkway in Red, lodging routes in other colors - to view a preview and detailed route

Below the Overview Map:

Ride Stats:

  • Miles on Parkway: 81.0
  • Elevation Gain:
    2,618 feet (avg. 32.3 feet/mile)
    Maximum Grade: 3.4%
  • Elevation Loss:
    1,678 feet (avg. 20.7 feet/mile)
    Minimum Grade: -2.4%

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Before Biking on the Parkway
(in the morning near milepost 180.8 - French Camp, MS)

Lodging (night before) options with Bicycle Route to Parkway, Camping, Food:


French Camp B&B
Bed & Breakfast - 4 Guest Rooms,3 Cabins/13 Beds/Sleeps 20 - The French Camp community is steeped in early Trace history.
Route: Bike 1,700 feet to Parkway entrance (MS Hwy 413 at milepost 180.8) - RidewithGPS Route

Campgrounds along/near the Parkway:

  • Jeff Busby Park - The park service has an RV and tent campground at the Jeff Busby site at milepost 193.1. Free RV and tent camping.


  • Council House Restaurant - Part of the French Camp Historic Village (located behind the Huffman Cabin Gift Shop). The restaurant is open on Monday from 11am to 2pm, Tuesday thru Thursday from 11am to 7pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8pm.
  • Lost Gringos Coffeehouse - A full service specialty coffee shop that also provides ice cream treats, Italian sodas and teas. The unbelievable atmosphere is the perfect break from your trek on the Natchez Trace.
  • Also a market located 0.1 mile west of the Parkway.

Biking on the Parkway
(during the day from milepost 180.8 to milepost 100)

Along/Near the Parkway - Restrooms, Top 30 Favorite Sites and Exits with Services Nearby:

RidewithGPS route of the Parkway from milepost 180.8 to milepost 100 that includes the following points of interest and guidance:
You can download the route to your phone!

  • Milepost 180.8 - French Camp Historic Village
    Top 30, Restroom, Old Trace, History Exhibit, Restaurant
  • Milepost 180.8 - MS Hwy 413
    Start of the Day on the Parkway - entrance MS Hwy 413
  • Milepost 160.0 - Kosciusko Information Center
    Restroom, Picnic Area, History/Nature Exhibit, Visitor/Info Center, Bicycle Repair Station
  • Milepost 159 - MS Hwy 35 exit
    Several Markets and Restaurants within 0.5 mile north of Parkway
  • Milepost 154.3 - Holly Hill
    Restroom, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 146 - MS Hwy 429 exit
    Restaurant 0.5 miles west of Parkway
  • Milepost 135.5 - MS Hwy 16 exit
    Markets 1.4 miles west of Parkway
  • Milepost 123.8 - Ratliff Ferry Road exit
    Market/Restaurant 0.5 mile east of Parkway
  • Milepost 122.6 - River Bend
    Top 30, Restroom, Picnic Area
  • Milepost 122.0 - Cypress Swamp
    Top 30, Hiking Trail, Nature Area
  • Milepost 105.6 - Reservoir Overlook
    Top 30, Scenic Overlook, Multi-Use Path Entrance
  • Milepost 105.6 - Multi-Use Path
    To avoid heavy vehicle traffic on the Parkway we highly recommend biking on the Multi-Use Path that parallels the Parkway for 5 miles.
  • Milepost 103 - Old Canton Road exit
    Markets and Restaurant 0.4 mile south of Parkway
  • Milepost 102.4 - Parkway Information Cabin at Ridgeland
    Restroom, Picnic Area, access to Multi-Use Path, Bicycle Repair Station
  • Milepost 102 - US Hwy 51 exit
    Restaurants 0.5 mile north of Parkway
  • near Milepost 101 - Multi-Use Path / Highland Colony Parkway intersection
    End of the Day on the Parkway - exit onto Highland Colony Parkway

After Biking on the Parkway
(in the afternoon/evening near milepost 100)

Milepost 100-101 - Ridgeland, MS adjacent to the Parkway - Lodging with Bicycle Route from Parkway, Camping, Bicycle Shops, Food and Featured Points of Interest Options:


In the Ridgeland, MS area (milepost 100-101) there are several hotels located within 1 to 3 miles of the Parkway. The hotels located north of the Parkway are closer to and easier to bike to from the parkway/multi-use path. Hyatt Place Jackson/Ridgeland (601-898-8815) and Hampton Inn & Suites Jackson-Ridgeland (769-300-5556) are easy to bike to from the multi-use path (800 feet west of I-55 underpass, exit the walking/bike path onto Highland Colony Pkwy and bike north) and there are restaurants in walking distance. For hotel info, see


  • In the Jackson/Ridgeland area there are no campgrounds that you can easily bike to from the Parkway. There is a campground located north of the Jackson Metro area and half a mile east of the Parkway at milepost 123.8:
    Ratliff Ferry Trading Post Campground. The campground has both RV and tent camping. Call 769-231-9525 to make sure they are open on your arrival date.
  • There are other (private and state park) campgrounds in the Jackson Metro area that you can drive to from the Parkway. For info, go to

Bicycle Shops:

  • The Bike Crossing -
    The Bike Crossing is located about 150 yards north of the Parkway at the corner of Old Town Crossing and Jackson Street in Ridgeland and is accessible from the multi-use trail that parallels the Parkway.
  • Indian Cycle Fitness & Outdoor -
    Indian Cycle is located just south of the Parkway on one of the Multi-Use Path's spur routes.
  • Bicycle Revolution -
    Mobile service available by appointment.
  • RideSouth -
    Located south of the Parkway in Brandon, MS.


Featured Points of Interest:

  • Milepost 105.6 - Reservoir Overlook
    Top 30, Scenic Overlook, Northern Trailhead of the Multi-Use Path
  • Bill Waller Mississippi Crafts Center - Located near the Natchez Trace Parkway since 1975, the mission of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Inc., is to preserve, promote, market, educate and encourage excellence in regional crafts, believing that regular contact with the skilled work of the hand enhances both producers’ and patrons’ lives.

Complete Natchez Trace Parkway 442 Mile, North to South Itineraries:

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